Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas in February?

I haven't bragged about my Christmas present!  Here it is February already!  Where has my mind been?

Sarge got me a Zutter Bind-it-All binder!


How clever is he to know just what I wanted?  Oh, OK.  I'll confess.  I gave him some subtle hints. . . like PRINTING OUT A FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT!!  (It was just a little hint.)

And here is the first project bound with my very own amazing Bind-it-All:




I love getting Christmas cards, and I can't bear to throw them away, so I took all the Christmas cards we received this year and bound them together into a little book.



I had a purchased set of covers that are 6" square, so I wound up cutting down most of the cards.  And some of them needed additional card added to one dimension or the other.








In fact, each page was sort of a collage.  I cut out some greetings and pasted borders, and so on.  On some pages, I trimmed shapes so that the pages aren't all square.  Then I used some wrapping paper to cover the front and back.  I also pasted a list of the people these cards were from inside the front cover.

P1300001The end result is I have a nice, handy sized memento of the Christmas season - instead of an unwieldy stack of cards & envelopes!  


Orice said...

Clever. I can see why you wanted it. I always end up throwing mine away because of little space. *sigh*

Virtual Quilter said...

Oooh! I think I will add one of them to my Most Wanted list. The binder, not the book. I have my own cards to make my own book!
Judy B