Sunday, February 1, 2009


Occasionally I find myself "collecting" pretty pictures.  I am basically a visual person.  If I had to choose between chocolate and eye-candy . . . well, I think I'd be in trouble!!

So I'm always on the lookout for clipart and sources of free pictures.   Sometimes I use pictures in my artwork - and sometimes I just think about it!  Most often, though, I use pretty pictures as inspiration.


Like this bright tag, for instance.  Isn't that a pleasing pose?  I could use this as inspiration for a doll, posing her to cuddle her wrapper - or a pet or child, or any number of options. 

OR . . . I could just use the tag image.  Many crafters use images like this as a centerpiece for embroidery or crazy quilting.





The shape to the right can be used as a tag - or as the starting point for a paper doll.  That swirling pattern could be inspiration for embroidery - or even a quilting pattern.

OK, so where did I get these pretties?  These two are part of Lisa Vollrath's Holiday Giveaway from December.  Lisa very generously provided one piece of artwork/collage image each day as a countdown to Christmas.  These images are just a teaser to a vast amount of images, collage sets, image CDs, books, ephemera, and so on available from Ten Two Studios.  If you are a paper artist of any sort, there's sure to be something you need there!

Well, I'm not a major paper artist - fiber is more my thing.  But I do dabble occasionally and I love, love, love to look!  And the Ten Two site is worth looking at - and buying, too! 

pink-girl-valentine And -- once again, Lisa is holding a Holiday Countdown.  To Valentine's day this time.  This was part of today's download . . . isn't she sweet?  All one needs to do to "purchase" these pre-Valentines images is to post about Lisa's giveaway on your blog.  Hey!  I just did that!!

(Alright, so there was an ulterior motive.  I think these are cute enough to warrant a blatant bit of advertising, though.  Right?)

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Annie said...

I do the same thing. I have folders of magazine and newspaper clippings and even greeting cards from way before the advent of the web. I have three little pictures that I cut out from the paper this weekend sitting right by my side as I write this. Inspiration is everywhere!