Saturday, February 7, 2009

How About A Hand?

Sorry.  I couldn't resist some kind of pun!

P1140001Believe it or not - this is a pincushion!  Mostly for show, I guess, but pins and needles can be stashed just about anywhere on the ball or the hand itself.

This is my latest UFO-to-FO . . .Unfinished Object to Finished Object!  For those of you who have forgotten, I joined a group last fall called "UFOs Uncovered" (look here).  It has taken several months, but I now have completed two UFOs!  And feeling pretty proud of myself, too!  LOL!

P1140003This hand is life-sized (read more about it here) and so the ball is about 4" across - give or take.  I embellished each seam on the ball, which was slow going.  I think one of my next goals will need to be to find time to devote to hand stitching! 

P1140005I used fake nails from the dime store.  I love these beautiful designs, but my hands are in too much clay and paint and take too much rough use to ever wear false nails myself.   Sometimes I'll cut them down for a doll, but it's not quite the same, is it? 

P1140008OK, this picture looks a bit creepy!  Hmm.  I do have some black nails.  Plenty of time before Halloween, huh?


Vicki W said...

Excellent! That's the most unique pin cushion I've ever seen!

Orice said...

I'll gladly "give you a hand" for the completion of this creative project. It might be a clever pin cushion for one of your dollclub friends. Sweet! I really like the nail job! That's the only way I could ever have nails too. On my dolls.

dee said...

It's fabulous. So very cool!