Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is Zenobia.  She's been waiting to meet you all.  She had to stay in the shadows for a bit because she was in a contest and we didn't want to cheat in any way.  The contest winners were announced Saturday - and Zenobia took second place!  Isn't that cool?

zenobia-rightUntil recently, I have referred to her as Flapette.  You see, she was made using Nancy Gawron's pattern for Flap.  Flap was the little man who wanted to fly with the birds, you know?  Well, Zenobia is his lady friend and her interest in birds is a little more down to earth! 

zenobia-chickensShe does try to get Floyd (Flap's at-home name) more interested in the chickens and other birds that come to her back yard, but he really wants to find out what it is like to fly!  Well, he can try it if he wants.  Zenobia will be right down here to pick up the pieces!!! 

zenobia-leftI've been asked why I call her Zenobia.  Well, I saw the name and when I tried it with her, she really likes it.  [Don't you wish you could choose your own name?]  Zenobia was a queen of the Palmyrene Empire (Syria-ish) in the third century.  Kind of an interesting character, said to be very beautiful and intelligent.  Sadly, my P2020019Zenobia doesn't take after her much!

Some additional photos to share with you . . .

Before getting her dress:  You can see her resemblance to Floyd a bit more here.  Except for that lacy underwear!




With her - um - unusual pose, it's hard to see her face  very well.  Here is a picture while perched on my lamp, waiting for her chickens to get settled!









A woman's favorite view!  OMG - she's pigeon-toed and knock-kneed!!


Annie said...

Congrats on the win! She's quite something. I hope she isn't angry with you for showing such revealing photos! You just keep anything secret in these days of the Internet.

Orice said...

She's a darling! Moreso than ever due to her knock knees and pidgeon toes. Her pose is perfect. What a precious doll!

UteV said...

She is wonderful! Oh' my gosh......I love how you posed her and really everything about her. You go girl!!!

Cheryl said...

Great face. Love her positioning and the movement you expressed, and oh yeah, the back view is priceless.....just like us! LOL

kay susan said...

Oh well done, she's wonderful!