Friday, February 13, 2009

Goal Review, the First

Yes, boys and girls.  It's that time again.  You know you've been waiting for it!  No?  Too bad 'cause you're gonna get it anyway!

Time to see how my new goal system is working.  If you  need a quick review, you can go here - but hurry back!

Back already?  OK, let's take a look:

P10900011.  Make a box for my 2008 daily planner.  Done!   Here is a picture.  This is a pretty simple project.  I just did some fabric collage and stitched it together to make a box.  I worked out dimensions and special tricks last year, so this year went quickly.  Found the 2008 letters at a drug store for something like a quarter!

P2090005 2.  Continue working on Take It Further pieces and bind them all into a fabric book.  In progress.  This one will take longer than six weeks, but I have added several pages so far.  Right now I am making backs for the "theme" pages and experimenting with quilt blocks at the same time.   Not always with success!  More about that later!


3.  Take part in Valentine swap on Stitchin Fingers cloth  doll group.  Done!  And I posted about her.  Go here to see that post.

P1140003 4.  Finish one or more UFOs.  Done!  Hey - I posted about this one too!  Go take a look here.

5.  Prepare for and begin the Stitch Explorer challengeP1250003 on PinTangle.  In progress.  I'll probably post this month's progress shortly.  Sharon will be posting a new stitch tomorrow.  This will be an ongoing project this year, but I won't be including it as a goal again - unless I get behind.  (Could that happen?)

6.  Begin working on Flapette.  Done!  Not only begun, but completely finished!  AND, photos sent to Nancy Gawron for the "Flip the Flap" challenge.  Unfortunately, I can't show you any pictures yet.  After the challenge results have been posted, though, I have some cute photos to share.  So stay tuned.

There you are!  Not a bad result, huh?  I'm not going to get excited, though.  If you have been around since last year you might recall that the first couple of reviews looked pretty good.  I can generally get through April or so before everything fizzles.  So, we shall see how this year goes.

And for the next six week period, here are my six goals:

  1. Decide on a theme and develop a design or mockup for the Hoffman Challenge.
  2. Decide on a UFO doll for this month's doll club meeting and get him/her finished.
  3. Continue working on pages for the Take It Further book.
  4. Baste and quilt the (still!) unfinished Halloween quilt.
  5. Choose an embroidery Block-of-the-Month pattern and stitch January and February.
  6. Take part in the March fabric postcard swap with my FabricPostcardsforStitchers Yahoo group.

Ooooo-kay!  There we have it.  Come back on March 27 to see how well I do with these.  I think these are going to be fun, and I hope to have some fun pictures to show you then.

Thanks for your support.  I love getting comments, so feel free to chime in anytime!  ;-)


virtualquilter said...

Well done so far. I am still in holiday mode, but Brian goes back to work on Monday, so it will be back to normal. Or what passes for normal around here!
Judy B

Karen Mallory said...

Hi Liz! What great things you make. I love your Valentine's doll. Thanks for visiting my blog. You sure are organized. I saw both the dolls made for the flip the Flap challenge. They are both really great. I guess one would be yours!! I have some quilts to do myself! Just started today!
hugs Karen