Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is the Traveling Page I made for Johoanna in April.  Johoanna's theme is "The Goddess Within."

P4190004When I started thinking about a design for the Goddess Within, I was thinking of something very spiritual and indicative of our inner nature – perhaps something shared among all women. As I did my research, I came across some wonderful web sites dedicated to identifying your inner goddess and maintaining a spiritual connection to the world. These were very inspiring. One of them led me to an on-line list of gods and goddesses. On this list, I found Caffeina.

Caffeina captured my imagination like no other name on these lists. I tried to move on to something more meaningful, but Caffeina would not let me go. I realized that I was already a sometime worshipper of this goddess and once acknowledging that, I was hers irrevocably!

There is no clear agreement whether Caffeina is an ancient goddess or of more modern origins – known as a “found goddess.” I will share what I found and let you make your own decision.

According to the Goddess of Random Thoughts!, Caffeina is imagethe . . .

patroness of coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks or foods. Caffeina is the Roman goddess of energy, stamina, and determination. Usually portrayed as a beautiful woman rising from a coffee cup, the goddess Caffeina gives clear thought, energy and creativity.

There is a nice legend about the origins of coffee here (scroll down), and a more "scholarly" essay here.  If you wish to revere Caffeina, follow her directions in the Charge of the Goddess Caffeina. 

I made the front of this page using simple patchwork, appliqué, and hand embroidery. I used EQ6 (my newest favorite toy!) to help plan the layout.


On the back, I used Shiva paint sticks and a stamp of the goddess Venus to embellish a piece of batik. I used eyelash yarn and a beaded border to finish the edges.

I'm now working on the May page.  So far, so good.   I think you'll like this one, too!  And check out what everyone else has been doing on the Story of the Traveling Page.


Annie said...

Caffeina can be my guardian angel given how much coffee I drink!

I love that piece, especially how you've used so many different techniques on both front and back.

Kay said...

What a clever piece, Liz! Another winner for its recipient.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the links Liz and all of the great info!!! Hugs!

Gina E. said...

I would give anything to be as creative as you, Liz! I love these unique pieces that you make.