Friday, May 7, 2010

EQ Layouts

Among the many things you find in the EQ libraries are quilt layouts.  So, if you prefer, you can start with blocks and put them together to form a quilt, OR you can choose a layout and add blocks to it!

I've seen lots of patterns lately with irregular layouts.  Since I don't do traditional very well ;-) and I really like this look, I decided to take my experiments to the irregular grids.


Here, I've just filled the grid with half-square triangles.  It's super easy to do that with a single key-stroke!  I looked at a few different grids before choosing one to explore further.




How about this one?  Not too impressive with all half-squares.  Let's change it up a bit.


Some 4-patch blocks do help, don't they?


Or maybe a 9-patch mosaic.


How about a combination?  Interesting.  And it takes longer to export the picture and save it than to make those changes!


Ah, but the irregular grid is really for showcasing fancy blocks - either applique or pieced.  Doesn't this look nice?  Hmm.  Not sure I like those colors, though.

Heh, heh.  We already know how much fun playing with the colors can be, don't we?  I'm feeling ornery, though, so I'm going to make you wait for my next post to see what happens! 

1 comment:

virtualquilter said...

Looks intersting so far, Liz ... look forward to seeing it with fabric.

I can see everything much more clearly today with a new monitor, but the colours aren't quite true yet ... I think I would have prefered to see the colours above before I cured the bleached look when I first plugged it in!

Judy B