Monday, May 24, 2010

EQ6 and Fabric Selections

Judy at Virtual Quilter has been nagging encouraging me to play with using fabric in EQ6.  I needed to take some time to learn more about the fabric libraries first.

The default fabric selection is kind of tame for me, but I recently learned how to change the default selection, plus how to load a "custom" collection for the project file.  EQ provides a free fabric collection monthly and there are loads of luscious fabrics in each one.

Where to start?  One of my fabric colors is brown.  And one of the monthly collections was - surprise - browns!




Wish I could remember who these fabrics are by.  I just wrote down Winter Wonderland. 


And this one is Jungle Brites.  I like this.

The magic wand tool will take the colors you chose and map them to the fabric available in the project.  This can result in some less - er - eye-popping combinations.  Like this hot pink/bright yellow colored example.


Don't need sunshades for this, do you?


Or for this one using baby fabrics.

I love fabrics and I can see I am in for many hours of tooling around through the collections.  Oh me, oh my!  Where will the time come from?


Virtual Quilter said...

Great! You have found the fabric libraries!

Now you can start placing the fabrics where you want them, rather than where rthe Magic wand chooses to put them.

Judy B

Annie said...

Sure goes faster than actual quilt-making, doesn't it!

Orice said...

Me thinks that you are having waaaaay too much fun with your Virtual Quilter and coming up with much too creative ideas. HAVE FUN!