Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Serendipity – Going in Circles

Last week I wanted to try some more circles and this week I did a circle with two colors.  I’m really surprised at how well this turned out.

P8190005In fact, kind of spectacular, isn’t it?  And yes, it really is a circle – I took this photo at a slight angle.  But check out that cool swirling center!

As gorgeous as this is (and it’s even more so in person!) there is no way I will be doing another one anytime soon.  When you consider that there are sixteen segments (and corresponding seams) and each seam holds four layers of fabrics . . . well, stitching to the center is a one-way ticket to the crazy house!

P8190002Here’s what I had to deal with on the final seam!  In fact, the last couple of seams did not actually go all the way to the center.  Guess it didn’t matter that much. 

The process is not too complicated.  It involves two identical circles cut along the spokes and re-stitched.  Precision measuring and cutting, along with labeling each piece, will guarantee a successful finished circle.

Not that I would know about that.  Evidently, precision is not one of my skills!

P8190003Neither is counting, apparently!   So I would say it’s a minor miracle that it all came out looking so – well, great!

Next week I go back to folding squares.  Phew!  I hope it will be a lot easier than this one.  Actually, just about anything will be easier than this one!!!!

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