Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Serendipity – Tucks Take 2

There sure is a lot you can do with tucks! 

P8050007Today, I worked with larger tucks.  This is a one inch tuck taken diagonally across the fabric.  The tuck is pressed so the seam is at the center back.  Kind of like bias bars.  Then the same thing is done in the other direction.  It’s called – oddly enough – a cross-tuck!  It’s very simple to do, and looks simple and elegant and . . . er, boring?  That’ll never do!

P8050008That’s better!  Those contrasting squares are tucked in behind the bias tucks and tacked down.  Now, let’s see what else we can do!

P8050009Wow!  That is really different!  As you can see, though, I ran out of time, but I think there is a lot of potential for this little piece.  I’ll try to remember to show you this again when everything has been stitched and tacked and what-have-you.

And now . . .

A Word About Wednesday

This past week was a bit jumbled with various events and appointments and so on.  Several things to distract me, for sure.  So I really shouldn’t have been surprised to find the photo for Wednesday WOW still on the camera!!   Oh my.  So, to my faithful readers (all two of you!) I apologize and present to you the progress shot from Wednesday, August 1.

P8010001 A couple more borders and this top will be done.  Might even happen this week!

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