Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Serendipity – Turning Square

Well, today’s results may not be quite as impressive as last week’s, but it was waaaaay easier!

P8260014Here’s a quick look at the day’s work.  I’ll show you close-ups of each sample.

P8260013This one was simply two squares, right sides together.  I folded the top square back diagonally and then rolled back the edge.  Then I decided to do these little square inserts.  In future, however, I will tuck the inserts in before stitching down the edge.  Much as it hurts me to say this, planning ahead is a good idea!



This one is based on the same idea, except that I used three squares and made two of them of half-square triangles.  By using two colors and folding along the seam, I was able to show the other color when the edges were rolled back. 


Then I tried several options for folding inserts or borders.  The two on the right are variations of the same method.  The light colored one to the left is our old friend the prairie point. 

P8260011More inserts and variations.  Any of these can have the edges rolled back to add further texture and interest.  In fact, let’s take a closer look at that one on the left.  Looks pretty plain here.

P8260008But look what happens when you do six of them!  Come on, you knew I’d have to work a circle in there somehow, didn’t you?  Wait ‘til you see what comes next . . . .

P8260009Now we’re getting somewhere!  Of course, being all done by hand, it’s a bit wonky here and there.  If I were doing this for a finished piece of work, there would be more measuring and marking.  At least I hope so!  This would look great in color, wouldn’t it?

P8260015Here’s all the samples so far, stuck on my design wall.  You can see that today’s circle was pretty small – it started with 4-inch squares – so it would probably work up fairly well in a quilt or wall-hanging.

I ran out of time or I might have continued on with squares.  There’s lots of cool stuff to come!


Anonymous said...

Love the variations on the Prairie Point theme!

Judy B

Annie said...

I've been following these posts and this whole technique is producing some fascinating pieces. Can't wait til the time time you incorporate them into a quilt!