Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday WOW–November 28

It was a good day to spend at the sewing machine.  Started out cold, but warmed up pretty well for the end of November.  Still, not a day you would wish you were outdoors!

So, sewing is what I did.


This pile of scraps looked so pretty, I had to take a photo!  There’s bound to be some way to use these bits and bobs.  Perhaps another day.


For today, I worked on these quarter circle sections.  I got all 36 done and now I’m ready to move on the the next step.  This is only the beginning!  I’ll have to experiment with my camera and see if I can get it to show the colors better.  These purples are so much prettier in person!

To be continued, so come back next week!

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Gina E. said...

OOOH! How gorgeous! I've seen this design in mags and books, but never been game to try it. Not that I have time to try anything else with the list of to-dos that I've got...but maybe one day I'll make just one block. Just to see how it's done.