Saturday, March 11, 2017

A very long week?

My, it’s certainly been quiet on this blog, hasn’t it?  The last time I posted – TWO MONTHS AGO! – I promised a look at my quilt on the longarm.  Now that it has been quilted, bound, and showed at guild meeting, here you go!



As you might guess, I have lots of other things to show you.  Two months translates into a lot of sewing and crafting!  But, rather than load your computer (and patience) by trying to give it to you all at once, I plan to do a bunch of shorter posts.  Hopefully, by the time we are all caught up, I will have slipped back into the blogging habit.

We shall see, shan’t we?

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virtualquilter said...

The blocks look great ... isn't it amazing the variety of blocks you can make from just one piece of fabric.