Sunday, October 11, 2009

Folding Fabric

Last month I took a class on fabric folding at my local quilt shop.  We learned several techniques and ended the day with enough information to make a wall hanging.  You've seen glimpses of this piece and this is how it turned out.


The class sample was actually several of these blocks, but I have some different ideas for a larger piece.  Besides, if it takes a month for me to get this size done, how long would a big one take??? 

Here are a couple of close up shots.


The corners are four folded pieces of fabric basted down and then edges turned back to reveal the under layer.  The sides are two pieces treated the same.  I used beads to disguise some of the stitching - and to embellish, of course!


The center flower is a bit more complicated.  It involved cutting the square and stitching the folded fabric into the seams when sewing it back together.  Then the petals were folded again.  I free motion quilted each petal to hold it in place, as well as adding beads to the tips.  A large bead in the center hides the open space where all the seams come together.

Oh, the size on this piece is about 17" square.  I backed it with plain muslin since it is meant to hang on a wall.   The techniques used here came from the books of Jennie Rayment.   Check out her web-site.  Lots of fun ideas!


Vicki W said...

Nice work!

Annie said...

I didn't realize how intricate it was in the earlier photos. Fascinating technique. You did a great job on it.

Orice said...

This one looks deceptively simple, but upon closer look (thanks to the closeup shots) it's quite intricate. Your stitching is lovely and I like the corner folds.