Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday WOW - October 7


I'm sorting.  There is a lot of  'stuff'!  Maybe I'll be able to see the worktable again sometime soon.


The cabinet has been painted and put into place.  Some of the drawers have been filled and I've found some cool things . . . quilting templates, speciality rulers, rotary cutters. 

I just need time to use them all!


Annie said...

What a joy to have so much storage space. And what fun to go through that treasure trove of hidden goodies!

Kay said...

This is a wonderful cabinet! Are you going to label the drawers? :)

Orice said...

Nice looking cabinet, although I don't envy you at all. After having just had to go through my own "mountains" of stuff, I'm contented to simply admire everyone else's. *sigh*