Friday, October 16, 2009

I Can Dance!

A while back I made a small art quilt and sent it in for the Quilting Arts Rock On challenge.  The winners have been chosen and published in the magazine - issues #38 and #39 - (nope, not me!), my quilt has been returned, and I can now show off my entry.

The challenge was to illustrate how Rock and Roll music has affected your life - or how it inspires you - or something in that general way.


I based my piece on the song, "Do You Love Me Now That I Can Dance?"  I grew up in the 60's and for one brief, shining moment (wait, that was Camelot!) I could actually dance!  Perhaps not well or often, but I danced with abandon!

dancestepsMy first step making this quilt was to remember all the names of dances from the "good old days."  Then I played with some Word Art.  The hardest part was thinning the list down to a few for an 8" x 10" quilt!


Then I took a photo of my feet - in dancing shoes of course!  I cut  out shoe appliqués and auditioned them onto a piece of hand dyed cotton.  My very first attempt at tie dyeing!  I can't believe I survived the 60's without trying this before!   


I printed out my Word Art and used it as a template and free-motion stitched the letters.  I also free motion stitched the background quilting, adding some notes and musical clefs here and there. 

I really like this piece, although after it has "aged" awhile, I wish I had added beads or some kind of bling.   Ah well.  This is a journey and I learned quite a bit on this trip.  And had some fun, too! 

Now, if I could just dance!


Orice said...

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with you. Those dances were great and you did a neat job stitching the names of each of them. Very creative, Liz.

Annie said...

What a cool piece. I spent 20 years of my adult life in dance classes and doing amateur performing. Needless to say (but I'm saying it nonentheless), I love everything dance-related. But the hokey pokey? You gotta be kidding!