Saturday, October 31, 2009



In my ongoing battle against the Evil Scissors and its army of sharp things, I have suffered a grievous  slight wound!

It has been many years since I last encountered the Scissors directly.  These quiet times have lured me into feeling I had successfully controlled the enemy.  I was wrong and they attacked me in a moment of inattention!

My first thought, of course, was to insure the safety of the fabric I was working on.  Thus, I stuck my finger in my mouth, carefully arranged the last piece of fabric, and headed for the first aid box.  I was half way up the stairs when the pain hit me.  Fortunately, Sarge was prepared to come to my aid (he said the little whimper alerted him) and had my wound dressed in no time.  I could have done without the laughter, though.


I do believe I'm feeling faint.  Perhaps I should lie down now.

Evil Scissors = 1, Liz = 0


Anonymous said...

Nice that you didn't faint, and even nicer to think your knight in shiny armor was ready and able to assist in your hour of need.
NASTY scissors!
Judy B

Annie said...

Evil things like this do happen on Halloween. Thank goodness you had Sarge around! Have some chocolate.. that will make it all better.

Orice said...

Nothing like a little wakeup call to remind us of the ever-lurking evils of scissors, rotary cutters and sharp needles. Ouch!

Cobi said...

hope it heals quickly. dd has similar talents. put on a new black sweater to work, first she gets pearl paint all over it and then somehow manages to cut a hole in her sleeve. she has no idea how she did it and her colleague had a laugh fit. did I ever tell you how I stepped on my completely filled pin cushion with my bare foot? cannot recommend it.

Liz said...

OMG! I did not even THINK of chocolate! Obviously I was more seriously injured than anyone realized. Possibly delirious! Fortunately I have since applied chocolate and other sweets and am recovering nicely. Thanks you for all the good thoughts.

Chris said...

Poor you, hope your feeling better now, hot sweet tea they say, i would prefer a glass of wine but there you go. LOL