Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Different Sort of WOW

Not only kind of What's on the Worktable, but Holey Moley WOW!  Look at this carefully, folks, you may never see it again.


The worktable is CLEAN

You probably wonder how in the world that happened, dontcha?  Well, you know how cleaning one little spot just highlights how dirty the rest of it is?  Before you know it, that little spot clean-up job turns into a major production!

What I was cleaning up was a bit of splattered paint from this:


I've been pondering taking some kind of class on Art Journals.  Thought I'd try a few free exercises first, though.  This one came from Caspiana I believe.  Once a background was prepared, I went through magazines looking for pictures from a provided list:  smile, something red, the letter A . . . that sort of thing.  It was fun and relaxing work, and I'm amazed at how pleasing this arrangement looks to me.  Great for sparking some creativity.

Now, to get busy messing up that worktable!

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Orice said...

Your cut out photos remind me of the "Soul Collage"process (see Seena Frost's book of the same title)I've been doing for awhile. A wonderfully creative and transformative process. Mostly just cutting out magazine photos and pasting, but relies on our intuition and is a delightful and healing process.