Friday, January 8, 2010

Wednesday WOW on Friday


Well, you might notice this is NOT Wednesday!  Nevertheless, this is what I was working on Wednesday.  I could probably think of some pretty good stories about why I didn't post this two days ago . . . abominable snowmen and supernatural pugs (?) would be included . . . but in the end I would have to admit the truth. 

I forgot. 

Just like that.  Not very interesting, huh?  Maybe I should dig out the Abominable after all.


Anonymous said...

Waited on Wednesday, Frustrated on Friday ..... I didn't get here until Saturday, and I wanted the story ...... what's a little untruth amongst bloggers?

The stars are looking great .... great variety of fabrics.

Judy B

Gina E. said...

They look great, Liz! Would you believe, that is the last block I have to do with my Patchwork group? I have the plastic templates cut out, but haven't got around to selecting the fabric yet. I've also been busy with other know how it is!