Friday, January 22, 2010

Postcards for the Holidays - a little late

One drawback (minor) to being in postcard swaps is that I shouldn't post here until the cards have reached their destinations. When they go overseas, that can take quite awhile. And in the meantime, I've moved on to something else. And I forget. Not good.

Stir in the Christmas rush and stress, plus some postal strikes, and foul weather . . . and here it is mid-January before you get to see my Christmas postcards! (Unless you are one of the fortunate few to receive one, of course. ;-) )

OK, stop talking and start showing, huh? I made these to swap:



And here is what I got in return, from Gina and MaryLou:

[CORRECTION: Oops! I got that first postcard from Sheila in Scotland. I knew that! My swap with MaryLou was in October . . . wrong holiday! Thanks to Sheila for being so good natured about my absent-mindedness.]


MaryLou's is on the top. They are both really sparkly in real life! Now, don't you feel all Christmas-y all over again?

Then, while I was on a roll, I made some more postcards and sent them to some special friends.


I wish I could have sent them to everyone, but even good things have their limits.

I just sent out some postcards for January. But you will have to wait to see them. I think it's only fair for the person who it's made for to be the first to see it. Well, I think so anyway!


virtualquilter said...

I took several of my Christmas trees trees out and about several times last last year for exhibitions, then finally home for Christmas, and now I am trying to get everything photographed before it goes into the cupboard this year ...... then somone found a heap of lovely antique Christmas post cards a few days ago, and now you show your new postcards ....... I give up ........ Christmas season is going to last all year again!
Judy B

sheilasanderson said...

Hi Liz, The 2nd poctcard is not from Gina, but from a wee Scottish lassie called Sheila

sheilasanderson said...

The snowman postcard is mine.sure it was the other way round last time i looked LOL