Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthdays

I think these postcards should have arrived at the birthday homes by now so it's safe to post pictures.  Cindy and Sheila have the same birthday, so they got almost the same card!  Ladies, if yours has gone missing, please let me know!


I made these two postcards for the January birthday swap I belong to on Stitchin' Fingers.  For the background, I used the trimmings collage I posted about in July.  I stitched it to a purple fabric so some color would show through and then added beads and trinkets.  The weather has been pretty gloomy around here all month, so I needed to use the sunglasses and give them a summery feeling.  And what could be more cheerful than a little sunshine and music on your birthday?

A little side fact I found interesting:  There are two birthday swap groups on SF this year.  Both groups had two January birthdays . . . and all four are on the same day!  You can't plan for things like that to happen! 

Now to get back to the February postcards.  Theme?  Why, Valentines, of course!


Annie said...

Very nice birthday gifts. We had more snow this weekend so I suppose we could use those glasses for the glare!

Vicki W said...

These are great cards!

sheila s said...

Liz..Mine has not arrived yet..when was it posted?

Gina E. said...

They are as lovely as all your fabric postcards are! I've been working on yours and it will be posted on Monday. I doubt if it will reach you by Friday, but you never know...anyway, at least it will be on the way, and hopefully the others in the group will have posted theirs in good time.