Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday WOW - January 20


Gads!  What an awful mess!  Good thing that is NOT where I was working today.  Here is where I spent most of the day:


That is the last block in progress.  Woohoo!  Now to put them all together.

You might have notice that I've only posted the Wednesday WOW for the past several weeks.  Things have been rather discombobulated around here.  (Spell check ok'd that word.  Amazing!)  We are getting back on track, though.  Hoping to have more regular posts now.


Anonymous said...

Ah! That's where I left my coffee cup!
(The almost hidden one!)
I feel at home with a desk looking like that!
The fabric where you are actually working looks lovely look forward to seeing the finished top.
Judy B

Orice said...

Yep!The fun part is watching the parts come all together. Can't wait to see yours.