Friday, July 15, 2011

The Postcard Chronicles

After a vacation from trading postcards last year, I have been joining in once again.  However, I haven’t been very good about sharing them with you.  So, time (and beyond) to catch up.

The theme for the first swap was “Girly”.  Now that sounded like fun!  So this is what I made for Teresa:


And I received this one from MaryLou:


For the next swap, the group decided on a seasonal theme.  For most of us, it was Spring, but since some of our swappers are from Down Under, it could also be Autumn.

This is what I sent Michele in the UK.


And I received this one from Linda in UK:


That brings us to June where the theme was “Sundae.”  My goodness, that sounded yummy!  In fact, that is what I stitched all over the background of this card.  It went to Linda in UK:


And I received this from Cat in Canada.  Doesn’t that look good enough to eat?



July’s theme is “Fairy Tales.”  Got to get my thinking cap on!


Gina E. said...

Those postcards are seriously WOW! Both yours and the ones you have received! I could be tempted to start doing them again...

Annie said...

Those look like so much fun. I enjoy seeing how people use different techniques for finishing the edges. I see you even did a quilt binding on one.

I think fairy tales will be an easy one for you!