Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sassy Sunday

Here we are with another technique from the Fabric Embellishing book.  Today’s experiment was with fabric paints and rubber stamps!


I used Dye-na-Flow by Jacquard to stamp the red flowers on this.  The paint is very liquid and I had to be careful with drips and running, but overall it was easy and fun.  Once the first layer had dried, I mixed yellow and blue So Soft fabric paint by DecoArt and stamped the dragonflies.  The So Soft paints are thicker and mix really well and are the perfect consistency for stamping. 


This piece is mostly So Soft paints.  I used a background stamp of tiny flowers in rows.  I tried mixing some Tulip Colorpoint into the So Soft, but that paint is not meant to be thinned or mixed.  No success there!  I also tried some Duva powder pigments into white So Soft which gave me a very slight tint, but it would take way too much pigment to be useful.  I ended up loosely mixing the red Dye-na-Flow which gave the random tint you see here.  The leaves are using the same green mixture as the dragonflies. 

I need to let this dry thoroughly and then I will continue to add layers.  I still have some Pebeo Setacolor to try, along with some different Tulip paints. 


Oh yeah.  Before I washed my brushes, I painted excess paint onto a piece of unbleached muslin.  I’ll have to think of something to add to this.  It does have potential!

That was an interesting experience, but there’s lots of WIPs waiting my attention this week . . . some quilting, some hand stitching, etc., etc.  But next Sunday, I’ll be back to finish these pieces for sure!

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Gina E. said...

You sure had fun doing all that! This is the problem with those books about embellishing - so many ideas that one just HAS to try, with most of the results put in a box and forgotten about...I guess it's not really a waste of time, but when I'm doing experimental stuff, there is always a twinge of guilt because I'm not working on some UFOs!