Monday, July 18, 2011

What happened to Sunday?

I can hear you asking that question.   You’re wondering what is going on . . . she promises to spend Sundays experimenting and show you what she comes up with – and then one month in and she’s a No Show?

Aaargh!  I did the experimenting and took pictures and even uploaded them.  Then, somewhere in the cerebral perambulations, the neurons assigned to actually post about it went walkabout!  Those neurons – can’t trust them these days!

Okay, okay!  That’s just a fancy way to say I Forgot!  I repeat . . . aaargh!     Now.  Moving on.


This is what I made.  It’s related to last week’s crazy quilting, but the book calls it “deconstructed crazy quilting.”   I tried to find out what “deconstructed” means, but it’s one of those terms borrowed from philosophy and trying to understand that left me in the dust!  So, to my mind, it means to take apart a traditional art form and reassemble it in a more contemporary manner.  At least that fits in this instance, sort of.

In this piece, I took small pieces of fabric and laid them down on fusible interfacing.  I chose red, because I have a small collection of various red fabrics:  taffeta, silk, satin, velvet, and of course, cotton.  The edges are all left raw (mostly cut with pinking shears) and after a light press, I stitched them down using my sewing machine.


These little bead flowers have a center motif stitched with silver thread.


This style of flower (sorry for the lousy photo) took some practice as I selected a leaf motif and stitched one repeat, then rotated the fabric and stitched a single repeat, moving around until I had a semi-circle. 

Next week, the technique is stamping on fabric.  Oooh!  Doesn’t that sound like fun??

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