Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Smash

Here we are with another “smashing” Sunday project!  Actually, I did not get as much accomplished today as I had planned.  But it was a successful day because I have a BIG FINISH!


A couple of close-ups for you:



Although this page took quite a few days to finish, I really enjoyed the process.  I did some reflecting on the whole crazy quilt thing and came up with some things to consider in the future.   I am sharing these – not because I think you need the information or even care (!) – but so that I will know where to find it when I venture into crazy quilting again!  And I’m pretty sure I will be doing some of this again.

  1. By embellishing the seams in the order in which they were stitched, cross over places should be easier to stitch.
  2. Keep reference materials nearby.  Stopping to go look for more ideas just doesn’t do it for me!
  3. Be sure to keep these tools handy:  ruler, erasable marker, circle template, add-a-quarter guide. 
  4. Stabilize the ends of loose trims by wrapping tape around the end before cutting.  Cut long, so that the taped end will be cut off after a border (or whatever) is sewn.
  5. Mark outside seam allowance so that I’m not stitching over beads when finishing.
  6. See if I can come up with some way to contain all the mess! 

Well, that’s it.  Next Sunday I’ll be ready to move to the next technique – Deconstructed Crazy Quilting.  Doesn’t that sound interesting?


Vicki W said...

Very nice! It looks like it was a lot of fun to do.

Gina E. said...

It looks fabulous!! Your list is interesting; we crafters all do things a bit differently, don't we. Once I've got all the base fabrics joined up, it can take months before I finish a CQ. I go through all my CQ reference books looking for stitches that appeal to me at that moment, then I pull out threads to match the fabrics. I don't use any of the tools you mentioned! But stabilising the ends of loose trims is a good idea. And marking the outside seam allowance is one of the first things I learnt to do, after nearly busting a machine needle sewing over beads!

Orice said...

What a lot of stitching detail. Lovely indeed and it probably took forever? Beautifully done!