Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Special – Part Two

As I promised last week, I spent today embellishing my crazy quilt block.  


It sure is a messy process!  This picture does not do justice to the array of threads and beads and lace strewn willy nilly all over my workspace.  Who’s going to clean that up?  Oh.  Yeah, that would be me!


This is how the piece looks as of this afternoon.  There are some seams still bare and I have lots of ideas to build on the stitching I’ve done so far.  In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to over embellish a crazy patch, is it?

This is so much fun!  I can see why so many people love this style.  I just have one question . . . how do you stop????


Gina E. said...

Ha ha! Well, it is really up to you when you think you've had enough, or you think the block has had enough! Many CQ workers embellish to the 'nth' degree, and I admire their work, but it's not something that I feel comfortable doing on my own CQ blocks. I like to see some of the original fabrics - otherwise why choose them? If they are going to be completely covered up, you may as well just use calico. I think yours looks beautiful just as it is.

Annie said...

You definitely have the hang of embellishing! Great way to use up all the scraps you undoubtedly have and the block looks beautiful!