Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday WOW – November 16

It was a very busy day, but I got quite a bit accomplished.


The lone star units are all stitched and paired.  Almost all the points match!!  I was amazed!


Then I got all four side pieces stitched.  Not without a struggle, though.  My trusty seam ripper got a workout today.  LOL!  Too many distractions, I guess.


Next are the corner units.  Those three pieces are not stitched yet.  I took a look at the ‘Y’ seam and decided late afternoon is the worst time to tackle it! 


It’s amazing that this whole project is essentially these three segments – four of each.  At this point I can ignore the fact that it took five days to get here. 

So, that’s what my worktable/design wall looks like today.  Between this, roofers, cable repairman, and dog duty, it was really quite a day.  I’m heading for my easy chair!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking good!

Judy B

Jeanie W. said...

I love your blog and your quilting endeavors. Congrats on tackling this difficult quilt. You're doing great. Keep going!