Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stick-y Sunday

Or maybe the title should be “Stabbed Sunday” because today I used a sharp implement, and I always manage to puncture myself when I’m around sharp things!


Today’s technique is needle felting.  That photo is not really fuzzy . . . the subject was fuzzy!


OK, does this look better?  This is about half way in my afternoon with wool and a felting needle.  Felting needles have barbed, triangle shaped tips and you use them to stab into wool roving so that the fibers attach to a surface and/or to each other.  They are very sharp!


I’ve used felting needles to attach or style doll’s hair and earlier this year, my doll club had a felting session where I made this pseudo-pug.  But today was my first serious attempt at felting onto another piece of fabric.


After I completed the flower, I made a couple of wool beads.


And, yes, I stabbed myself.  Several times.  But I didn’t draw blood!  At least not today and that makes it a good day!

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