Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I Did on My Vacation

Well, maybe “vacation” is not the right word.  After all, I did not leave home, except during the day.  I went to a 3-day quilting class conducted by my local quilt shop.

They are certified to teach and sell Judy Niemeyer patterns and that was what they did!  These quilts are made using foundation paper piecing and they look very complex.  Frankly, I had my doubts about being able to make one of the six patterns we had to choose from.


See what I mean?  (I snagged this picture from the shop’s web site.  Hopefully they won’t mind!)


I chose the design called “Summer Solstice” and here you see the beginnings of the lone star that is the center of the quilt.


This is what mine looked like at the end of the third day.  Just imagine there are four corners on the outer edge, and eight sets of spiky blocks.


Yesterday, I finished sewing all the lone star elements and now I am ready to start sewing sections together.  It has been exhausting!!


Here’s a candid shot of our group getting settled in.  We haven’t started making a mess, yet!  There were thirteen of us, but I don’t think it was an unlucky thirteen!  It was great to have other stitchers to share the misery and celebrations as we learned a different method. 

I want to say publicly that Mary, Connie, and Mark did a great job of setting up this session.  We were fed very well for three days and got complimentary massages, some wine on Saturday night, and a lot of laughs.  Oh yeah . . . and we sewed, too!

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