Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soggy Sunday


The soggy part, however, is at the end of this week’s technique.  So, let’s back up a little bit.

The technique is Thread Lace.  The book breaks the methods into two types:  grid and lace.  I did both today.


I cut a piece of water-soluble stabilizer (BadgeMaster in this sample) just a bit larger than my hoop.  I dropped the feed dogs and used a Supreme Slider to cover the surface, then began stitching a grid. 


Then I drew some hearts and stitched around the perimeter and through the insides.   Instead of a grid, though, I experimented with circles and other shapes.


Then, I went for something more complicated!  I found a heart-shaped wreath pattern in one of my embroidery books.  Using the general shape and feel, I sketched leaves and berries and used several different colors of thread.  This piece took much longer to stitch than the other two, but it is also much heavier as well as detailed.  Because of that, I used two layers of the soluble stabilizer.

Then I slipped them all into a basin of water and let them soak for awhile.  If I were doing this again, I don’t think I would put all four sheets in at the same time.  That water got pretty sloppy!


I spread the pieces onto a clean towel to dry overnight.  If I got all the stabilizer out, they should be nice and soft and flexible.  If they are too sticky/stiff after drying, I can soak them again.


Looking at the two smaller hearts, they are pretty successful.  The one on the right was especially good at holding its shape.


This one did not fare as well.  It came out of the water all curled up and you can just barely see a few heart shapes inside.  I stitched each internal shape twice.  Apparently that is not enough!


The leaves turned out almost perfect, though.  I’m quite pleased with this one so far.  Because there is so much thread in this, it held its shape much better than any of the hearts, yet there is still enough showing through the leaves to suggest the lacy quality.

I will be adding these to backgrounds or using them as inserts or something.  I’ll let you see what I do with them, so do come back.  And come see what’s in store for next Sunday!

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Gina E. said...

I love that water soluble stabliser stuff! I had some fun with it a while ago; I machine stitched bands of lace and ribbons across a piece of stabiliser,criss crossing to hold it together. After dissolving the stabiliser I was left with some neat stuff that I'll find a use for some day ;-)