Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scavenger Sunday

This week’s experiment was sort of the same techniques as last week.  Today I made a mixed-media collage page.  I scrounged around in my “junk” drawer and pulled together different materials to make one piece.

P4220002There are lots of pieces left over from other projects as well as things I’ve never tried using before.

P4220004In the top half, shown here, you can see a piece of metal that I pushed through a new mold I picked up recently.  There is a piece of fabric “manufactured” by stitching snippets of fabric.  And behind that is a piece of melted cellophane.  The blue piece is a washing machine dye catcher.  I don’t remember what item was that blue, but it had a lot of excess dye!

P4220003On the bottom half, you can see a piece of fusible web that has been painted.  The girl’s face is stamped onto a canvas-like fabric and colored with oil pastels.  You can just see that I used two blue hot-fix crystals in her eyes and a gold one at her ear.  Along the left edge is a line of sequins, beads, and Tyvek beads.

Not too bad for an afternoon’s work.  I had time to do some work on my wood elf sculpture and clean up my worktable!  Hmmm.  I should have taken a picture of that.  It won’t last long!!

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Orice said...

Maggie. . .
I love perusing your blog to see the many creative projects you continue to play with. Thank you for the crafted birthday card you sent me too. You touched my heart by remembering me. Thank you, my friend.