Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sidetracked Sunday

Today was one of those dis-jointed days.  A day where I worked on a little bit of everything, yet got nothing done!  The kind of day when you are busy all day, but have nothing to show for it.  Don’t you just hate that?

Nevertheless, I did try to work on today’s embellishing technique:  using craft foam.

P4290004These pieces are the result of heating the foam and then impressing with a stamp.  I then used paint to highlight the impression.   Being quick to stamp while the foam is hot gives the best results.  You can really see which ones had started to cool.

P4290005 These are foam sandwiched between layers of fabric and stitched.  There is another step involving heat before these are ready to be added to a page. 

At this point, two things occurred to tell me it was time to call it a day:  (1)  Sarge had dinner ready, and (2) my sewing machine ran out of BOTH bobbin and upper thread!  What are the odds?  So I’m hoping to get back to this in the next day or two.  I’d really like to see how heat affects these flowers.  Once I have completed the whole thing, I’ll be sure and share it here.

So stay tuned.


Annie said...

What a cool technique. I never can figure out good ways to use craft foam although my gut tells me there must be tons of possiblities there.

Gina E. said...

I've got some of that craft foam. How do you heat it without melting it? And what do you use to stamp the patterns on to it? They look great!