Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swell Sunday

Happy Easter to everyone!  Today was a beautiful day, but I dutifully headed to the basement and turned to the next fabric embellishing technique.

This week involves paper, and ways to attach it to fabric.  Here we go.


First I attached paper by stitching on the sewing machine.  That’s pretty straight forward.  The paper is a combination of mulberry paper and patterned/glittered card stock.


Next was hand stitching.  I used two strands of embroidery cotton floss and did a straight stitch and french knot pattern.  Easy!


Then I stitched the paper (mulberry again) down using buttons and sew-on butterflies.  Sorry for the blurry shot.  Those butterflies apparently were too bright for the camera!


Then I tried grommets and laced ribbon through the holes.  I like the way this came out.  Very neat but with a little flair.


Last (but not certainly not the least!) I used staples.  Hmmm.  They don’t really show in this picture, do they?  I stapled a bunch of threads at each corner and then tied a knot in each bundle and trimming them short.  Maybe if the thread bundle was smaller the staples would show.  Wouldn’t it be neat to use those colored staples and a contrasting thread?


Here is the page with all five techniques.  That was fun and I feel like I really accomplished something.  You might recognize the background piece from when I experimented with stamping on fabric here.  I think I will use a solid color when I bind this page.  It needs something to hold all that busy together!

I wonder how many other techniques I can find for attaching paper to fabric. 

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