Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fanciful Garden

One of the classes I took in Des Moines was from Karen Linduska.  She showed us how to make a garden using the stitches programmed into our sewing machines.


PA110001This is how my garden looked at the end of the day.  We had a full day of learning different ways to manipulate the stitches.  Our classroom was full of brand new Elnas with about 300 built-in stitches.  I love my Bernina, but that Elna can sure turn one’s head! 

PA110002By manipulating width and length of a stitch, as well as mirroring and elongating, we could make just about any type of flower.

PA110003 There are lots of ways to make leaves, too.   I had several variegated threads and I loved watching how the patterns would stitch out.

PA110004These flowers were cut from felt and fleece and then tacked down with the button stitch.  You can see that some of my attempts were more successful than others!  But since when are all flowers perfect?

PA110005Before changing thread color, we stitched a line onto the ground area.  I decided to use the star stitch and a satin diamond shape, but I altered the size on each pass.

The “horizon” is a group of yarn twisted and couched with a 3-stitch zigzag.  I think I had four different yarns.  Karen provided all the fabrics and yarns while each student brought their own thread.


Once I got home, I squared it up and added a black border, stitched on a backing and called it done!  Now I will need to experiment with what my Bernina can do.  That should keep me busy for awhile!