Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday WOW–October 24

Erm, sort of!  I realize today is not Wednesday, but let me tell you what happened!

Last night (Wednesday) I sat down to transfer my photos, when the lights went out!  They came back a couple of times and then went out for good.  So much for computer work!  As it happened, we were without power for almost three hours.  It has been quite some time since we spent such a peaceful evening!  We opened windows and lit a few candles (mostly battery operated) and just enjoyed the quiet.  [Full disclosure:  My nook tablet was charged up so I had some techy time!]

Ok, enough about that.  On with What’s on the Wortktable!


I worked on the blue and white quilt.  Those are some borders up there.


The borders are made of 2x4 pieces which you can see in this photo, waiting to be sewn together.


And with those borders attached, this quilt top is done!  Ready for a backing and quilting.  While I had it hanging on the wall, we (my fellow sewing ladies and I) discussed some other options for completion.


We decided it would look great with these prairie points!  So, now I just need to cut and fold about 500 little squares!  No problem!


Gina E. said...

Yet another WOW factor quilt! Like most people I think, I love blue and white, in any shade of blue.

Anonymous said...


Unlike Gina I don't like blue ... but love this lot of blues!

Judy B