Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Door

Today a package arrived from Leiden, Netherlands!  That's not something that happens every day around here, let me tell you!  But I knew right away what it would have inside.


A door from Cobi as part of the Traveling Page swap!  But that's not all!  She also included some photos of "real" dutch-style doors and a postcard from her home as well as a lovely note telling me about this page.


Cobi embroidered these beautiful flowers around the door.   I love the way the colors brighten up the pale brick wall.  And those red flowers are jillions of tee-tiny french knots!  (Well, it seems like jillions!)


But the best part is that the top half of the door opens!  That scene you can see there is on the postcard.  But I can put anything I like behind that door.  Maybe I'll find a Dutch girl to stand in my doorway.


Cobi and I share a fondness for Terry Pratchett's books and this quote is a perfect example of his wit.  It is also a perfect quote for my book of doors that go nowhere!

I'm in the finishing stages of my page for April - after a couple of false starts!  Still having lots of fun with this project!


Jules said...

I like this, lovely stitching on that wisteria, and as another hardened Pratchett fan I approve strongly of the text! We went to hear him speak a few months ago, he is still very inventive and funny - long may he continue to be despite his illness.

CarolynPhi said...

What a treasure this is!! Cobi is such a talented lady!!!

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful! Speaking of Wisteria, I planted one 20 years ago and it has never bloomed. The one on my porch in bloom has been there three years and this is the first bloom. Last year I cut it almost to the ground because I didn't think it would bloom either. I must have scared it!
Try pruning yours and see if it blooms next year?