Monday, April 26, 2010

A Visit From Feeny

You remember my doll Bobby?  I made her to take part in a sort of doll visiting exchange.  Each dolly in the group will visit the homes of the dollmakers over the next year or so. 

Due to bad weather, this group did not get started until this month.  Last weekend, we finally were able to get together for a little "Bon Voyage" party - or something.


Here are most of our travelers and their accessories, ready to start on their adventures.  (Two of them had early flights and couldn't be with us!)  There's Bobby, second from left.


Feeny (short for Phoenix - her mother was into mythology!)  was made by Mary and she is staying with me for the first month.  In the short week she's been with us, she has pitched right in:


Getting to know the boys . . .


assisting in doll construction . . .


and flirting?  Oh dear!  It promises to be an interesting month!

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Annie said...

Those girls are a riot. I'm sure they'll have many interesting stories to tell about their travels.