Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

The last couple of days have brought some special treats in the mail.  I'm like a little kid when there is a gift in the mail!  LOL!

My first "gift" was a postcard from Winsome in the UK.  She was my swap partner for the March Stitchin' Fingers postcard group.  The theme was Let's Go Green.


OK, before anyone points out that this is not Green . . . the "green" in this theme could be either the color Green, or recycle-to-keep-the-earth-green Green.  Got it?  This postcard was recycled from a larger piece that didn't turn out as hoped.  Winsome said she cut it up and used the good parts in postcards.  What a good idea!  And I really like this color, anyway!  There is a lot more sparkle than this photo shows, too.  And you all know how I love sparkle!


This is what I sent.  I chose to use both senses of Green.  The shamrocks are used Color Catchers - in several shades of green.  And the round GoGreen piece is the plastic insert from a pill bottle!  I had fun looking for things to recycle.  It could be addictive I think!

The other special mail I received was another page from the Story of the Traveling Pages group. 


This door is from Chris.  Don't you feel like you can touch the coolness of the stone wall?  And that door really looks weathered.  I posted a close-up on the Traveling Pages site and I encourage you to go see what the rest of the group has been up to.  All the pages have been wonderful!

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