Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not Wednesday

This might look like a Wednesday WOW post . . . but it's not!  I wanted to show you What's on the Worktable today (Sunday) because . . . well, because it's CLEAN!!!!  (As clean as it ever gets, anyway.)


This is a very rare sight, so make a note, write it on your calendar, or whatever. 

Oh, but don't be thinking there is a good reason for this state of affairs.  Something like having finished a project?  Oh No.  There's a small confession connected with this. . .


and this is the culprit!  You might notice it is not quite full at this point.  Well, it was before I knocked it over on the worktable!  This picture is after!  Yup.  I'm a klutz.  What can I say? 

So, after everything dries out, the worktable will undoubtedly return to its normal state of mild chaos.  And these pictures prove that the camera did not get too wet!

But, doesn't that table top shine?  Yummy!


Vicki W said...

At least it was only water!

Anonymous said...

Ah, scary thought!

I need to tidy the whole sewing room, but I DON"T need to start with spilling something that messy in there ..... it could ruin who knows what! It could take hours toget to the bottom layer of the mess!

Judy B

Annie said...

At least it was only water! I usually end up doing that with Coke or coffee!

Kay said...

LOL! My first thought was "only water" also. I like your new visiting doll. What fun!

Gina E. said...

LOL! I'm like Annie - more likely to spill Coke, coffee or tea!