Friday, April 30, 2010

DIP - Doll In Progress

This is the doll that has been showing up in the Wednesday WOW posts.


I may have to set her aside for a bit, though.  Just for awhile, until I get a few other "priorities" off the table.  Sigh!

She doesn't have a name yet (they usually get a face before they tell me what their name is), but I've been calling her Shiva.  Those odd marks on her legs and body are made with Shiva Paintstiks.  I wanted to experiment with some of the pros and cons of coloring a doll before stuffing versus after assembly. 

I'm not sure what she will be when I get back to her.  Maybe a tatooed lady?  In that case, her name would have to be Lydia.

P4210024 The pieces were already sewn because I wanted to test the size and pose before starting on the Hoffman Challenge.  I don't like the legs, but I think the rest of this pattern will probably work just fine.  So, back to the drawing board to work out better legs and feet.  Then I will be working on the Hoffman doll.  It will be July before we know it and I hate having to rush through the finishing touches.  I seem to do that way too often.  Sigh again!

Anyway, you may not see the finished product for awhile, so enjoy what there is of her for now.


Annie said...

Those Paintstiks look interesting. As does this doll. I like that position of her left hand. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for her. Kind of sorry I have to wait!

Jules said...

Great to see you creating a new doll Liz, I look forward to seeing her journey.

Kay said...

I like her legs and feet, sort of plump and sexy. But of course it depends what you want for a particular character, I guess.
I think I won't do the Hoffman. I had an idea and made a test block, but it's so complicated and I'm not in the mood somehow. And as you say, time is moving on.