Monday, January 23, 2012

About Silent Sunday

OK, so the Sunday experiment didn’t happen this week.  In fact, I didn’t get into the basement all weekend.  Bummer!

Saturday was a good thing, though.  I went to doll club and we made these:


We took inspiration from the book “Stupid Sock Creatures” and had all kinds of fun.  I always have a good time – almost too much – and come home exhausted!

I scored some new stuff for my stash, too!


I love those peacock lace motifs!  Not sure what I’ll do with them, but for now I just like looking at them!

The weekend took a side trip when we made a run to the local emergency room Saturday evening.  No big deal (we seem to spend a lot of time there . . . all the ER nurses know us by first name!!), but we didn’t get home until 2am.  It’s been an awful long time since I stayed out late on a Saturday night.  It’s a lot harder now!

So, of course, I slept late on Sunday.  And gave the pugs some extra lap time as well.  It was a nice day, so we decided to take the camera for a ride.  We have the most well-traveled camera around.  It doesn’t take any pictures, but it goes for lots of rides!  Before I knew it, Sunday was almost over!

So there’s my excuse for why my homework Sunday Stuff didn’t get done.  I hope to be back in the groove next week and back on schedule.  At least I will really try!


Sue said...

Love your "Stupid Sock Creatures". Hope all is well after your late Sat. night.

Gina E. said...

HEY Liz! I've just seen your lace peacocks -they are fabulous! Are there any more where they came from? I'd be happy to pay for one plus postage if you can find another one :-)