Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday WOW – January 4

Ah, a new year and a new WOW – What’s On the Worktable.  Unfortunately, I had appointments in the city today so there wasn’t any worktable time.  I did a little planning, though (OMG! That’s a 4-letter word if I ever saw one!), and took some pictures yesterday.

Actually, what I’m working on at the moment is to move this:


into these:


and other organizational, sorting, labeling, etc. locations.

Don’t fret, though.  There has been some creativity going on.


I finished the cross-stitch dragon and it is mounted and glue should be dry by now.  It’s going on a box top.  I will get some better pictures to show when everything is done.

I’m looking forward to spending some serious time at the worktable real soon now.  I just need to make out my priorities.  Let’s see . . . 1) Create 2) Sort 3) Create 4) Bills 5) Create . . . .

1 comment:

Annie said...

I love that dragon. I actually stitched that a few years ago for a bookmark. I left out all the sparklies and it really didn't turn out anywhere near as nice as yours. It will make a great box top.

Have fun (fun?) with all that organizing!