Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shimmery Sunday

It’s Sunday and I’m baaaack!  If you’ve just joined us – or you’d like a reminder (always nice to refresh the old memory), on Sundays I take some time to work with a technique from this book:


We’ve covered a lot of ground already, but there’s lots more fun things to do.  Today, I tried metal foiling.


The first thing I wanted to test was different types of glue.  This picture shows some of my trial runs – 3 different glues and a double-sided tape.  With some practice I think all of the glues would work, but I liked Grrrip best and used it for my “real” work.  It’s fluid enough to be easy to work with, yet dries to a tacky state very quickly.  I’m NO good at waiting for something to dry!


I used gold foil to accent one of the rust dyed pieces from earlier.  The artificial light changes colors a bit, but you can really see the sparkle of the foil.  The red orange piece on the left has a strip of the tape foiled with copper.


Then I pulled this piece out from my past experiments.  Using the glue I drew the outline of a pear in the lower left corner and foiled it with copper.  Then I tacked down a piece of the free motion thread lace, also from a previous experiment.  You can’t really see much foil in this shot . . . which is what I intended.  Yes, I really did do that on purpose!


OK – here’s a closeup.  You can actually see the sparkle here, although it’s kind of hard to figure out what the shape is.  Pretty subtle, huh?  Believe me it’s sooo pretty in real life!

So, a pretty satisfactory afternoon’s work.  Next week I’ll be working with one of my favorite materials, but one I haven’t played with in quite a while.  Can’t wait!!!  Be sure to come back next week, won’t you?

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Gina E. said...

Ah - so THAT'S where you've been getting all those weird and wonderful ideas from! I borrowed that book from our library, but just couldn't get enthusiastic about doing any of the projects. So it's fun watching you do them instead ;-)