Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catching Up

Oh my, it’s the new year already!  I probably should be thinking about goals for 2012, but I can’t seem to get at it yet.  I think there are some pieces of 2011 still laying around and I need to clean them up.

So today I am catching you up on my postcard exchanges.  There’s a good six months’ worth that I’ve not shared for some reason.  Good grief! 


For July, I did this card representing the Princess and the Pea.  I thought the theme was Fairy tales, when, in fact it was Nursery Rhymes!  We decided that was close enough.


I received this cute black sheep from Linda.  She made his wool by stitching tightly packed bullion stitches.  It’s amazing!


The August theme was “Snippets” and I created this bouquet from tiny bits of fabric and embroidery.


I received this card from Patricia.  The Kanzashi flower can be removed, but I really like it where it is.


I took a break in September, but then did this piece for the October “autumn” theme.  If you’ve followed my Sunday posts, you might recognize the fiber etching technique I used here.



Lorraine sent me these two cards a bit late for October.  The top one for “autumn” and the Santa card as a thank you for my patience.   You can just see some of the puffy paint she used.  Pretty cool!

PB230005November’s theme was “Hands: A Crafter’s Favorite Tool”.  I traced around my hand and scanned it into the computer so I could make different sizes.

PC130001  It looks like Shelley did the same thing – or close to it – for this card that she sent me.


December’s theme – of course – was the holidays.  I had some fabric with these homespun angels which I cut out and stitched to the card along with a few hand stitched snowflakes.  (Sorry about the fuzzy picture.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?)


And I received an angel in return!  Mary Lou embroidered this funny little angel with her snowman friend.  Very cute.

And that brings us up to date and to the end of 2011’s postcards.  I enjoy these swaps quite a bit.  There is always interesting discussion when we choose a theme and I have lots of fun choosing how to interpret it as well as seeing how my partner will interpret too. 

I’ve already signed on for a birthday exchange in 2012 and the January theme.  I really will try harder to post about the postcards more often.  The key word here is try!  LOL!

With the holidays behind us, and my family issues settled – mostly – I can return to my routine and get into the workroom.  Next Sunday I will resume posts about working through the Fabric Embellishing book, so come back and see what happens!


Gina E. said...

You must have a fabulous collection of postcards by now! In some ways I wish I'd continued in the swap groups with both postcards and ATCs, but I spent so much time on them, nothing much else was getting done, so I just had to drop out of them.
Happy New Year!

Orice said...

The Princess and the Pea is my favorite. Your own pattern? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!