Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something a Little Different

Lately I’ve been exploring more paper arts, including journaling techniques.  Strathmore is offering some free on-line classes and I signed up for one called “Doodles Unleashed” taught by Traci Bautista.


We spent the first couple of weeks exploring ways to make interesting backgrounds and trying different mark making tools.


I enjoyed playing with watercolors and really like the effect of “salting” the wet drawing to get a mottled look.


Then we layered doodles and more paint, and more doodles!  I’m not sure about this as a whole piece, but I can foresee cutting it up for collage later.  I really like the two leaves at lower left.


This is from the last lesson and I am pretty happy with it.  Of course, I love drawing faces . . . and I love purple!  So how could I not love this?


Then, while waiting for paint to dry (ho hum!) I watched a different video about carving your own stamps.  So I got busy and produced this pelican stamp.  I’ve been thinking about using the pelican in some art work anyway, and there was all that blue paint left over!

It’s good to take a break from fabric and stretch some of my other skills.  And it sure is fun to make a big ole mess!  LOL!!!!!

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Annie said...

You drive me crazy with your artistic talent! Is there no end to what you can do? This is all just amazing, especially that drawing of the face and that fun pelican stamp! (Did you use a potato like we did in elementary school?)