Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why We Don’t Buy Pecans in the Shell

Or, at least we won’t be in the future!


See that?  Pecans, oh boy.  And by shelling and preparing/roasting them myself, I can be sure they are pretty healthy.  Please notice, however, that there are not many big pieces there in that little bowl.  Hmmm, roasting might not be the way to go.

Oh, and that tiny bowl?  (OK, not tiny, just feels that way!)  That is the result of one and a half hours of work!!  But that’s not all I got from my labors.


I also got a huge mess to clean up!  Notice the debris on the towel outside my plastic bag?  That is what the whole side of the kitchen looked like!  I even found stuff in my hair!


Plus, I got a bona fide injury!  Really.  See the spots of real blood on the towel?  Those shells are really sharp!

Before everyone sends me their favorite tip on shelling pecans, I also spent some time researching on line (after the fact,of course).  I learned that there are such things as paper pecans and that a lot of the more modern varieties are easier to shell.  There are fancy schmancy nutcrackers, too, that seem to be made for those slippery little hummers.  And some web sites recommend dipping the nuts in boiling water to loosen them up.  I also learned that there are lots of places that will shell your pecans for you!  Oh sure.  Now you tell me!

Thank goodness we don’t have pecan trees (although we did have a couple years ago and I sent bags of “fresh” pecans to friends and family – for which I now apologize!).  What we have is Walnut trees. 

I won’t be cracking those either.

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Orice said...

A fun description of all the work and little payoff with Pecans. The photos reminded me of how I avoid shelling nuts whenever possible. Such an enjoyable piece, Liz!