Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spiffy Sunday

When I looked at today’s “lesson” I had lots of ideas pop into my head.


I remembered that I have a book about fabric flowers and wouldn’t it be fun to combine a couple of techniques for this week!  So I went looking for that book.


He brought along a few friends!

Apparently this is a topic that warrants more attention, huh?  I thought about taking a little detour and devoting a couple of Sundays to fabric flowers.  Then I realized it would be a pretty big detour.  And the trouble with detours is you can lose sight of the regular road – and get lost!  So, no.  We’ll come  back to these another time.

So, I followed the directions in the Fabric Embellishing book and resisted the temptation of distractions.   Well, I followed the directions in my own way, of course. 


And this is what I ended up with.


I threw a few beads at the larger flower, but I’m not sure if I’m completely finished there.  As a nod to SharonB and her take a stitch challenges, I used the feather stitch to attach the leaves.


I like the smaller buds much better.  They seem to have more balance and character.

So I’ll continue following the book through to the end.  There are enough chapters left to take us to June, I think.  My goodness, that is a lot of embellishing!!

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Anonymous said...


Love the way the flowers are turning out. Look forward to seeing more over the next few months ... I just want to keep you going!

Judy B