Sunday, January 13, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–A Plethora of Polygons

Sorry about that wordy title.  I couldn’t come up with anything else!  And today’s experiments were all about polygons from 5-sided to 12-sided!

I actually started with 6 sides, probably because hexies are all the rage these days and I’m always looking for different ways to use them.


This first one was super easy to fold and the “petals” are just folded back and pressed.  These would work up quickly for a larger quilt or wall hanging.


This starts out exactly like the first one.  But then it gets a little more complicated!  Instead of just folding over the edge, these petals are folded into little diamonds.  I really like the way it looks (and that messy center will be covered later) but folding can be quite a challenge for – um – mature fingers!


After doing a pentagon (which I forgot to photograph!) and this octagon, my fingers were limbered up enough that I felt like I was on a roll.  Sooooo. . .


I folded a twelve sided polygon!  I think I’ve got the idea now.  After 31 petals, I should hope so!  One thing I learned is to mark the center since it is important to make sure all the folds meet right there, and tacking each one in place before moving to the next one helps a lot.  And I also learned it’s a good idea to let the fabric cool a bit between pressing and manipulating.  The fingers can get a little singed!


And here’s the finished flowers, along with a few from earlier lessons.  I can definitely see this becoming a bouquet or flower garden style of quilt!

I wonder what’s coming up next week?

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Gina E. said...

Hi Liz, happy new year belatedly! My first time online for a few weeks, and I'm trying to catch up with everyone. SOME blogs take longer than others to read because certain bloggers have been exceedingly busy and there are so many photos to inspect! Love all your folding. Would you care to do another little swap? I would love one of your fabric origami pieces to show a friend who does wonderful paper origami. In return, I could make you a felt cupcake or donut, or ATC, or whatever. Oh - don't email me, as my computer is stuffed... just leave a comment on my blog!