Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Would I Do Without EQ?

I recently added some bookshelves to my studio and while rearranging some of my books, I came across a (large) notebook I’ve labeled Quilt Blocks.


This is where I’ve been putting all those magazine articles and quilt shop handouts that I save “in case I want to make that quilt some day.”  Yeah, well, it could happen!

Someone in an online EQ group said that she enters blocks and quilts like that into EQ.  It saves space in her shelves/filing cabinets and it gives her some practical experience with EQ.  Now, why didn’t I think of that?

So, I worked non-stop on culling this collection and putting the designs into EQ.  I figured I can always use the EQ practice and I won’t have to start another notebook . . . yet.  And I might be able to lift the current notebook without injuring myself!!!


Two weeks later, I have a nice, neat notebook (still pretty full) and this pile of page protectors ready to hold new information that I really need to keep!

Oh yeah, and some pretty cool quilts in EQ.  Take a look:

Puzzle Weave

Puzzle Weave

Perfect Tree

The Perfect Tree

Hilltop Houses

Hilltop Houses.  These are all log cabin blocks!

This is just a few of the more than 100 quilts in my file, so I’ll be showing more of them from time to time.  [Note: I’ve since broken that one file into several.  You could say the file was a tad large!]

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Anonymous said...

Good to see! Look forward to seeing more of them ... and seeing the changes you make!
(Hint ... schedule some play time!)